Athletes’ Choice Awards 2023


You chose your favorites! The day after any GFNY, all finishers get an email with a post-race survey that captures rankings as well as feedback. We absolutely do read the surveys – thank you for sharing your feedback, it helps us to continue to improve and evolve the experience!

If you take part in a race but do not receive a survey email in the days immediately following the race, you can go to your account and you can access the survey link from there.


Here are the GFNY Athletes’ Choice Awards 2023 results:

Best Event Overall:  

First Place: GFNY Grand Ballon (France)

Second Place: GFNY Republica Dominicana

Third Place:  GFNY Cozumel (Mexico)


Best Race Destination:  

First Place: GFNY La Fortuna (Costa Rica)

Runner up: GFNY Bento Goncalves (Brazil)


Best Course:  

First Place: GFNY Villard de Lans (France)

Runner up: GFNY Chile


Best Finish Festival:  

First Place: GFNY Cannes (France)

Runner up: GFNY Bali


Best Race Communication:  

First Place: GFNY Cozumel (Mexico)

Runner up: GFNY Colonia (Uruguay)


Best Year-Round Activities:  

First Place: GFNY New York (USA)

Runner up: GFNY Cusco (Peru)


Best Race Week Activities: 

First Place: GFNY Punta del Este (Uruguay)

Runner up: GFNY Uppsala (Sweden)


Best Packet Pickup and Expo:  

First Place: GFNY Zapopan (Mexico)

Runner up: GFNY Florida Sebring (USA)


Best Start Area:  

First Place: GFNY New York (USA)

Runner up: GFNY Grand Ballon (France)


Best Aid Stations:  

First Place: GFNY La Vaujany (France)

Runner up: GFNY Maryland Cambridge (USA)


Best Course Organization:  

First Place: GFNY New York (USA)

Runner up: GFNY Lourdes Tourmalet (France)


Best Finish Line: 

First Place: GFNY Republica Dominicana

Runner up: GFNY Alpes Vaujany (France)


Best New Race:  

First Place: GFNY Pennsylvania York (USA)

Runner up: GFNY Maryland Cambridge (USA)